Ohhhhhh Hillary… 


It saddens me to see friends posting on Facebook in support of Clinton. I totally understand where you are coming from, you clearly have good intentions in your support for her. Even those that only support her based on the assertion that you are supporting the lesser evil. Well evil has a new face, the true evil in this election is the wolf in sheep’s clothing…

I’ve mostly ignored politics lately as it all seems like a ridiculous media circus. I’ve found some things funny and like to poke fun at Trump for being crass and reckless with his words. I see him as being a typical narcissist (like most politicians) with a major case of ADD (as do I, and it takes one to know one). I love memes and shitposts, trump is a walking talking meme. I haven’t taken any of this seriously…

Until now.

The Ecuadorian embassy in London, England has had its internet cut off by a state entity. I have spent numerous hours poking around the currently released documents that have been leaked from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s hacked private email server. Without even diving into the content of these emails, the fact that this has happened is horrific and scary. Unfortunately for the Clinton campaign, these leaks are only the tip of the iceberg.

CNN; self admitted Clinton shill playing favouritism, has now told us it’s illegal (false) to view these emails, and that we should just trust them to properly report on the email leaks. These emails contain evidence of direct media manipulation and collusion, it’s scary and it goes deep. I say FUCK YOU CNN I’ve read a bunch of these, here are some of the more shocking gems I have come across so far:

You still sure about Clinton?! This is only a tiny fraction of her shenanigans! It gets even more bizarre…


Oh hey, so everyone’s favourite CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper happened to host the second presidential debate and pressed Trump on alleged sexual scandals (which is the typical and expected political tactic used by politicians to discredit and shame feared opponents). This is not so strange, as sex & politics seem to go hand in hand. What is strange is that Trump has gone his whole life without any sexual scandals plaguing his public image. As a very public entertainer and entrepreneur, he surely hasn’t been immune to these types of allegations over the years. Why all of a sudden do they all pop up now? Surely he is pretty creepy, and probably always has been.

But this isn’t about Trump. I know he sucks, I can barely stand him.


“Can’t we just drone this guy”

This is a direct quote from a leaked Clinton email referring to Julian Assange.


Your wonderful potential leader is inquiring if the United States can drone attack an individual currently living in a diplomatically protected international embassy in London?! This person clearly has no respect for international diplomatic relations. John Kerry (of the Democratic party) has allegedly pressured the British government to cut diplomatic ties with Ecuador In order to get at Assange. Assange has been cooped up in their embassy in London for over 5 fucking years. Why the sudden & intense urge to shut up Assange and Wikileaks? Reddit is currently abuzz with theories concerning the whereabouts of Assange, after (hilarious) rumors that he could have been assassinated by the one and only Pamela Anderson (EXTREMELY NSFW) via a poisoned vegan lunch. Despite the hilarity (no pun intended) of this proposed scenario, which sounds like it’s straight out of a spy novel, The Wikileaks foundation does seem to be on high alert.

Something very fishy is going on here…

Does Assange have leaked documents that could cause even more tremendous damage to Clinton (and possibly the entire US government)? 

What lengths are they willing to go to silence Wikileaks?

Can Wikileaks even be silenced at this point? 

…All of this is too coincidental, and I’ve never been one to look for (or believe in) conspiracies in politics.

Wikileaks is still releasing the Clinton leaks on schedule, and it seems things are still calm at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, for now.

Since I have so much free time on my hands I will be following what is happening at Wikileaks pretty much 24/7 and will keep this blog updated.

I imagine this is only just the beginning…


Be afraid, be very afraid. 

Ohhhhhh Hillary…